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 Any message you send me, unless specified as OOC, will be considered to be sent to Atem. This is a character journal, not a personal journal. You can find pieces of Atems Application below. As for what powers are okay to use on Atem? I'm not picky. Atem and I will both do whatever the plot demands of us. 

Character Name; Atem
Canon;  Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters Manga (!, I’m linking you to the manga since that’s the canon I play from – You’ll want to click the link to 1.7, Millennium World, since most of the information pertaining to my character comes from there).
Canon Point;  My Atem is Preseries, but his general plot still follows that of Millennium World for YGO Canon Plot related reasons. I’ve taken him from just before he seals his soul into the Millennium Puzzle so I have a canon background to work with and am not basing my character off of headcanon.
Age;  The best estimate for Atem’s age is 16
House;  Heimdall
Personality; Atem is stern on the surface, a young man with a chip on his shoulder due to his father’s recent death and his sudden ascension into the position of Pharaoh.  Perceptive, as shown often in combat with both Set and the Thief King, Atem has a keen and strategic mind with the ability to predict movements.  His boiling insecurities over his competency as a ruler come to a head and manifest as a violent temper that can sometimes cloud otherwise astute judgments.  That being said he is concerned with being a fair and just Pharaoh and upholding Ma’at, which is partly why he launched a war against the Thief King. He is duty bound to go until the end and thus volunteered to sacrifice himself for the good of his people (which is my biggest motivation for the House of Heimdall). Underneath the pretense of a ruler, however, he does have a somewhat rebellious streak and a very strong will, demonstrated by his childhood habit of hiding in pots even at the risk of enraging his father.  He is passionate, fiery and driven but with an ability to mask all but the basest of his rages behind a careful mask of composition.
Most of his likes and dislikes come from supposition based on historical fact and canon. We can assume he likes games and strategy since his mind is so keen. Due to his royal upbringing he is somewhat vain and has a taste for the finer things, but is sheltered in his nobility so he is not really aware of this particular trait.  Atem likes sweets, which mostly entails fruit and sweet white wines. He dislikes having to sit too long and is a restless pacer, and doesn’t particularly relish being told what to do by anyone, raised to believe he is a leader (and he very much is when he wants to be).
His most important relationships are (or were in the case of his father) with the Six Priests, though specifically with his rival Priest Set and his most trusted companion Priest Mahado (who has already died and serves him as a Ka guardian by the point he’s being taken from). With the exception of Priestess Isis, the other Priests have fallen to battle and Atem carries guilt over their deaths. He has drifted from his childhood friend Mana, Mahado’s apprentice, but still treasures her and looks to keep her safe. His relationship with his father, however, drives him. He sees his father as an ideal Pharaoh and strives to imitate him in everything he does, and if he falls short of these strivings (which he often does) it bothers him for a very long time indeed. He tries to separate himself from these people as he sees them as the primary reason for their deaths and hardships and does not want to rely on them to correct the mistakes he takes full responsibility for.


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